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2014. 12. 01.I author: European Association of Development Agencies -

BDI Deutsche Telekom Stiftung Innovation Indicator 2014

The Innovation Indicator has been published annually on behalf of the German Telekom Foundation and the Federation of German Industries since 2005. It shows how capable the innovation systems of different countries are. Currently, 35 countries are being evaluated via 38 single indicators.

Innovations secure jobs and economic wealth. Companies all over the world know this recipe for success. Policy makers try to create the right framework conditions for innovations. To achieve this, it is important to have a realistic idea of your own position in the global innovation landscape. The Innovation Indicator allows you to do exactly that: it offers a detailed evaluation of the starting situation and derives well
founded recommendations for actions.

The Innovation Indicator measures the innovation capacity of countries in a future-oriented perspective – therefore the results can significantly differ from the rankings which primarily aim at the economic power of a country. It compares the position of Germany opposed to the most
important competitors in the innovation field. The benchmark are the world’s leaders. It looks at the entire innovation system and allocates importance to the cooperation between the individual elements – industry, science, education, state and society.


An extract ot the 2014 Innovation Indicator is available for download here.



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