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2013. 07. 18.I author: European Association of Development Agencies -

Lessons from a Decade of Innovation Policy: What can we learn from TrendChart and Innovation Union Scoreboard

This report from the EU Commission draws lessons from the comparison of the research and innovation policy mix implemented in the EU27 countries plus Norway and Switzerland with their innovation performance. The analysis uses the description of research and innovation policy measures which the INNO-Policy TrendChart and ERAWATCH have collected and the performance indicators of the Innovation Union Scoreboard (IUS), previously called the European Innovation Scoreboard. The period under scrutiny is 1999-2011.

The highlights of the study are:

  • Robust trends in research and innovation policy funding
  • Programme-based research and innovation policy channelled through concrete ‘policy measures’ increased in importance
  • Funding allocated to support innovation skills development has been smaller than expected
  • Policy measures have been shifting away from individual research subsidies towards collaborative schemes
  • Despite those changes, funding priorities remain very much oriented towards scientific and technological research
  • Homogeneity and stability in the national innovation policy mixes
  • Countries should be encouraged to develop their own specific policy models to a much greater degree
  • The policy mix must fit national conditions
  • Country policy mixes do not necessarily respond to country specific innovation challenges and could be made more effective by a reorientation
  • Effectiveness of policies to foster industry-science collaboration
  • Funding devoted to fostering industry-science links is positively associated with higher innovation collaboration between firms, education and research institutes
  • A much more forceful internationalisation of research organisations is required
  • Mixed impact of grants to support business RDI
  • Market-oriented support benefits SMEs
  • Measures targeting the adoption of innovations on the demand side may prove to have wider-spread effects for SMEs than direct support for RDI

Summary: http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/policies/innovation/files/decade-innovation-policy-executive-summary_en.pdf
Full report: http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/policies/innovation/files/decade-innovation-policy-full-study_en.pdf

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