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Concordia Design

Collaboration platform for creativity, design and business, Wielkopolska region, Poland


Contact person:

Concordia Design
Pro Design Sp. Z o. o.


URL: http://concordiadesign.pl/en

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Step 5. Establishment of suitable policy mixes


Country:  Poland         Name of the region:   Wielkopolska          NUTS Level:  2 

Description of the GP:

Concordia Design is a centre of creativity, design and business with no counterpart in Poland. It is a collaboration platform for various communities related to design, creativity and innovation implementation.

Concordia Design is located in the very centre of Poznań, in an Old Printing House building.  Policy of the Wielkopolska region (focused on increasing innovation) was the source of revitalization of the Old Printing House building, translating into the creation of a creative business incubator, as well as provision of modern equipment and an innovative conference center. Other areas of Concordia Design's operation were developed independently.


  • Building the awareness of what design is and how it can support organization / business development
  • Participating in innovation development
  • Developing and stimulating creativity

Addressed to various recipients -  not only business communities, but also adults and children - Concordia Design's offer responds to the dynamic socio-economic changes and current trend analysis (new technologies, global and local developments in production and services, consumption, lifestyles, education, etc.).

Concordia Design is involved in education and consultancy-related activities in such areas as: innovation and creativity, design management, modern marketing methodologies. It serves as a collaboration platform for entrepreneurs, experts and designers, combining design promotion with education and consultancy. Concordia Design belongs to Poland's most advanced institutions implementing state-of-the-art training/consulting methodologies (based on interactive solutions, co-creation, multidisciplinary teams, user centered innovation, creativity).

Its consultancy services are addressed to business entities aiming to develop and implement innovation. Concordia Design applies design understood as a strategic tool for effecting comprehensive business change. It uses "new consultancy" based on consultancy and coaching, as well as close cooperation with a company, involving joint definition of development directions in multidisciplinary teams. The team consists of renowned experts – design & business innovation practitioners from Poland and all around Europe, while the clients are both SMEs and large market leaders.

What makes Concordia Design special is the holistic approach to innovation implementation, combining business, design and humanities. In all areas of its activity Concordia Design relies on the 'By Human Touch' idea, which stands for the constant ability to understand and implement changes, placing people – with all their needs, values, talents and potential – in the spotlight.  Users co-create final solutions, while clients are active participants of research, design and implementation processes.

Concordia Design fosters the creation of design and innovation-focused organizational culture. It develops innovative strategies based on customer needs, conducts relevant research, carries out, design audits, analyses trends, and supports an "A to Z" process of innovative product/service implementation. Concordia Design organizes workshops to inspire individual and collective creativity at various process stages (ideation-implementation-communication), also offering creative process/service supervision in enterprises. Concordia Design supports HR processes in enterprises (proprietary programmes of Assessment Center, Development Center and team-building), helping recruit and train Product Managers and Design Managers.

International cooperation. Concordia Design participates in international projects, e.g. DeEP -  „Design in European Policies, Evaluating and Sharing Design Innovation Policies for European Growth”, aiming to create tools for measuring design effectiveness at macro and micro levels. Concordia Design's partners include Politecnico di Milano, Lancaster Univeristy, or Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin.

Concordia Design houses an incubator of creative sector companies. Business entities headquartered in the building include architecture, photography and design studios (including fashion and jewellery design), branding agencies, as well as new technology and IT enterprises.

Concordia Design also follows its Concordia Kids educational programme. Addressed to children, it helps spur creativity, taking the form of workshops, talent discovering activities, creativity stimulation, development of manual skills, combining cognition, science and fun. Concordia Design organizes a variety of family workshops for both children and parents, in collaboration with educators, psychologists, artists and experienced event facilitators. Three editions of Design and Creativity Festival for Children have already taken place at Concordia Design, employing a unique co-creation formula together with children.
Bearing in mind the potential of the place (Concordia Design is the owner of the 4200 sq m historical building in the very city centre, an example of Poznań leading urban regeneration projects), Concordia Design organizes product launches, special events, exhibitions, fashion and art shows. Over the past 2 years, 15 exhibitions have been held on the premises, including two international design exhibitions.

Concordia Design is also a modern conference centre. Clients have an area of over 1000 sq m at their disposal, with flexible arrangement possibilities. The building also houses Concordia Taste restaurant and Concordia Print printing shop (very well equipped and offering digital & 3D printing). 

Challenges addressed by the GP:

Understand and take into account companies needs


Impact and beneficieries:

As a training and consulting team, Pro Design has operated since 2009, while Concordia Design since 2011.

Selected projects of Pro Design / Concordia Design (2009-2013):

  • trainings carried out in the field of design (broadly understood) for almost 2000 participants,
  • management of two consecutive editions of the business cluster “Innovative Home”; the cluster comprises 15 companies from the Wielkopolska region.
  • "Design management as the driving force of innovation in Wielkopolska's SME sector" – training project carried out for 120 Wielkopolska-based companies
  • strategic partnership in Poland's major project addressed to family-owned companies (150 entities from all over Poland); it is a key project supported by the Ministry of Labour and Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP)
  • design management training sessions for 60 designers and 60 companies as part of the "Lower Silesian Industrial Design Network" project
  • support for enterprises implementing innovation based on design-thinking and creativity (all over Poland) in such industries as FMCG, IT, interior design, fashion, new media, etc; ca. 50 services and workshops delivered altogether
  • support for institutions implementing innovative solutions based on their customer needs (both national and regional institutions – 10 entities altogether)
  • project aiming to implement design-driven innovation in almost 100 companies from the Świętokrzyskie region (design audits, new product development strategies, product and service design, coaching, design management)
  • New Folk Design project (2009 and 2010) involving ca. 20 designers and craftsmen; new product designs developed for 3 companies from the Wielkopolska region.


Requirements and limitations:

In order to create such an institution in another region it is essential to meet specific conditions - infrastructure is only a starting point in this context. As regards Concordia Design, the building was renovated when various design promotion and education initiatives were already in progress. This was a unique solution – usually such institutions are launched after a building is completed and furnished. Concordia Design could implement and test selected projects and solutions already at earlier stages, which helped build a team and gain valuable experience sooner. As is often said, the success of such projects depends on passionate people who wish to develop an innovative business model and then implement it in a flexible way, so as to meet market needs.

Concordia Design also benefitted from the involvement of experienced experts from Western Europe, who shared their knowledge of more advanced markets. However, those good practices from the West were adapted or in fact "tailor-made" to satisfy local requirements, which eventually helped create a unique place and institution.

As Concordia Design's business model was essentially tailor-made, it is difficult to copy it, bearing in mind local market needs and resources (infrastructure, people). Concordia Design is open to cooperation with Polish and European companies and institutions in the area of consultancy.

Funding source:

Private non-profit initiative.