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Economic GIS layer for innovations of Gabrovo Municipality

E-service and tool for decision-making of Gabrovo Municipality, Bulgaria

Contact person:

Desislava Koleva
Gabrovo municipality


URL: http://gis.gabrovo.bg/flexviewers/knowhub/


Link of the GP to the RIS3 steps:

Step 1. Analysis of the regional context and potential for innovation
Step 6. Integration of monitoring and evaluation mechanism



Country: Bulgaria         Name of the region: Gabrovo Municipality        Level: NUTS II


Description of the GP:

Gabrovo municipality developed a Geographical Information System with information layers for the economic and innovative development of local companies and academics organised into interactive maps. The on-line tool supports Gabrovo administration in analyses of local innovative performance and trends, display and dissemination of results and decision-making about where to locate new businesses and what new instruments can be introduced to support local development. The GIS user-friendly interface also provides collaboration  platform for pooling local enterprises, getting their feedbacks as statistical data and innovative projects as well as for attracting investors.

The Economic GIS layer created during the KNOW-HUB project is a new tool for the Gabrovo administration and is a step forward to its intention for developing Gabrovo Business Portal. The GIS tool allows different types of analysis based on official macro data provided by the National Statistical Institute which are annually updated.

The tool provides detailed information about the existing companies in the municipality (address, location, main activities, products, markets, business profiles etc.). Every company can also add specific information which will be automatically updated in its personal profile in the economic layer. The information is structured by economic and statistical indicators, main business categories and information for innovations.

The Economic GIS layer of Gabrovo Municipality has novel for Bulgaria elements in synthesis and access to public information and e-services to citizens and businesses. It could become an effective tool for fostering local and cross-border partnerships and attracting investors in the region thus stimulating local economy and employment.

The S3 strategy in Bulgaria is developed at national level. The GIS initiative of Gabrovo municipality is an example of pro-active measure of local administration in this centralised policy framework.


Challenges addressed by the GP:

Tailor-made analysis for regional RIS3 purpose and objectives

Preparation and presentation of analysis results in an easily comprehensible way

Establish a constructive Monitoring and Evaluation Culture

Impact and beneficiaries:

The GIS analytical, decision-making and monitoring functionalities  bridge over some of the weaknesses noticed at the Peer Review made within the KNOW-HUB project: the limited local data base for strategic planning and the low inclusiveness of local actors in partnerships due to the limited awareness on each others activities.

During the design and implementation of the GIS tool feedback and recommendations form the users of the system – local businesses, academia and administration were gathered for optimising its performance and functionalities such as creating opportunity for communication among the companies on recent innovative projects and possible synergies between them.

Some long-term goals for the use and development of the GIS tool include:

-       To create an economic history of the municipality allowing comparison and assessment of economic growth presented in graphics and tabular format for each company

-       To visualize complex information via internet to attract citizens participation in local governance and development processes

More than 3500 local companies in Gabrovo region as well as potential investors and partners can use the information presented in economic GIS layer for innovations.


Requirements and limitations:

There are no specific requirements or limitations to transfer this practice. Some budget has to be secured for buying statistical data from different sources


Funding source:

Annual budget in Euro:    data n/a
Funding sources:     Gabrovo Municipality