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In this section you can find Good Practices identified in KNOW-HUB partners’ regions. Good practices tackle issues related to smart specialisation strategies - different approaches to smart specialisation as a way to escape from uniformity of innovation policy in the regions (policy level) and effective innovation policy instruments - mechanisms of modern types of intervention (schemes/programmes) of systemic nature (operational level).

2014. 01. 30.

Innovation Assistant Lower Austria

Funding programme to foster technological and innovation competence in regional companies, especially for SMEs in rural areas, Lower Austria region, Austria
2014. 01. 28.

TIP – Technology and Innovation Partner Lower Austria

Innovation support and coaching to SMEs, Lower Austria, Austria
2013. 12. 20.

‘J’innove in Nord-Pas de Calais’ network of regional innovation stakeholders

Support and promotion of innovation, animation of high number of innovation actors, Nord-Pas de Calais region, France
2013. 12. 20.

ASTRIDE on-line platform

Mapping regional innovation stakeholders and assessing innovative and economic performance of local companies, Nord-Pas de Calais region, France
2013. 12. 20.

Regional Innovation Observatory

Support to fact-driven decision-making process by collecting, organizing and analyzing innovation related data, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, France
2013. 12. 20.

T-CUE project

Initiative for fostering business creation out of universities and university-business links, Castilla y León region, Spain
2013. 12. 19.

Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network

Coordination network for science & technology knowledge transfer, Basque Country, Spain
2013. 12. 17.

Annual regional innovation award „Krištáľový Merkúr”

Support and promotion of local innovators and entrepreneurs, Banska Bystrica region, Slovakia
2013. 12. 17.

Cluster for Health Tourism

Finding new promising sector/niche for smart specialisation, Bulgaria
2013. 12. 17.

Cluster I-Bolt

Development and marketing of innovative agri-food products, Észak - Alföld region, Hungary