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Territorial Innovation Accelerator in Nord-Pas de Calais region

Support and incubation to start-ups in the region provided by local major companies, Nord-Pas de Calais region, France


Contact person:

Jean Pierre
Nord France Innovation Development


URL: http://www.jinnove.com/Actualites/Territorial-Innovation-Accelerator-TIA


Link of the GP to the RIS3 steps:

Step 5. Establishment of suitable policy mixes


Country: France         Name of the region: Nord-Pas de Calais         Level: NUTS II


Description of the GP:

The Territorial Innovation Accelerator (T.I.A) in Nord-Pas de Calais region has been initiated by three major companies – Veolia Environnement, Orange TM and Rabot Dutilleul. The main goal of T.I.A is to support innovative start-ups through partnerships and business analyses led by the major company experts. The Accelarator also aims to contribute to the regional economic development by enhancing visibility and atractiveness of the region for investors in terms of innovation. The main ideas behind the T.I.A establishment are to help SMEs and particularly start-ups to benefit from the experience of the major companies and to ensure faster growth of the local innovative companies.

Each year two calls for selecting start-ups are announced with pre-defined topics for each call session such as:

  • „Smart Building” call (Jan. 2013) – where 24 start-ups applied and 9 were selected
  • „Smart City” call (Sept. 2013) – 21 start-ups filed applications and 13 of them were selected

Several other major companies from the Nord-Pas de Calais region are expected to join the Accelerator in order to widen the sectors targeted by T.I.A.

The portfolio of services offered by T.I.A includes:

  • Definition and market visibility issues
  • Identification of potential markets
  • Partnership for technical co-development
  • Implementation of industrial pilot
  • Trade agreements


Challenges addressed by the GP:

Focus on companies’ needs
Organize it - Helping actors create synergies in their actions

Impact and beneficiaries:

22 start-up companies have already started incubating in 2013.

T.I.A also intends to attract local intermediaries and Nord France Innovation Development in order to globalize the support process by offering calls for projects customized to the companies needs and diversifying the services with mentoring, internationalization and investment support.


Requirements and limitations:

There are no particalar requirements for the implementation of this good practice. All beneficial synergies with local actors have to be sought in order to ensure holistic set of services to atsrt-up companies.

Funding source:

Funding sources:     private